June 2013

Dear friends,

I was going to pay a visit to someone on the other side of Tessier Gardens from me and thought it would be nice to cut through there on my way. I was in a bit of a hurry but the sun was shining and I thought the flowers would probably be out by now. What I really wanted to do was walk directly from one corner of the gardens to the other with a quick “ooh nice” at the plants as an afterthought.

Only, Tessier Gardens doesn’t let you do that does it? There are no straightforward paths – they all meander and divert and make you think about where you are going and how you will get there. And you can’t help but have to spend more time walking and staring if not to completely stand and stare as you go by. And I mused as I walked that God must delight especially in Tessier Gardens. Not just because they are lovely to look at but because they require us to take time, to observe, to smile at others, perhaps even to stop, to chat or to smell the roses.

Life will never be a straight path for us, however much we may wish it or plan it. Sometimes we should stop trying to make it so and instead let God take us down those meandering paths and be attentive to all he has to show us. To observe, smile, even to talk to him. There may even be roses to smell...

And next time I need to go to the other side of Tessier Gardens I am going to allow more time for my journey and discover just what God has to share with me there... (Although he also manages to share things in other less beautiful places too)

God bless