My Sabbatical

This is my last Minister’s letter for a while as I will be on Sabbatical for June, July and August. It is such a privilege to have three months paid leave every ten years or so to be used to step away from the normal daily routine – to be recharged, renewed, to reflect and not go to any evening meetings. Or do any other work in the churches that I serve. This is very hard to do when you are in a pastoral relationship with Churches but it is important in terms of allowing this time of stepping away for renewal to have benefit.

The theme of my Sabbatical is “Pilgrimage inside and out”. I am going on an adventure on my own up to Shetland, will also spend 6 days almost totally on my own at a retreat centre as well as other adventures along the way (and a family holiday in the middle!)

I will have to face up to the nervousness I have about travelling, especially on my own so this is a real challenge. I aim to work on attentiveness and my own spiritual relationship with God. I intend to use art journals to record all of this and possibly, will create some “how to make a faith based art journal” video/blog entries/fact sheets along the way.

Please pray for me during these three months and also for those in leadership in the Church who will have to take on extra responsibilities in my absence.