November 2014

When I have been talking about my Sabbatical (see, I told you that you would all get fed up of hearing about it!) I have said that one of the things I tried but then struggled with, is mindfulness
*Here is a journal page that sums up what mindfulness means – living in the moment rather than being stuck in the past or afraid of the future.

I found that being focussed did not come easily to me.
I have spent some time kicking myself that I did not spend more time trying to be mindful whilst I had the time and space to do it.
And then something caught me unawares...
I realised that I had started doing something akin to mindfulness without noticing (I suppose that makes it the opposite of being aware).
I have begun to see God’s blessing at work.
I have begun to see how much God works in the world for good.
And at times when the world seems both literally and figuratively dark (winter is coming) this gives me hope.

Today has been Brixham Messy Church and it ended with about 5 children joyfully participating in the cleaning of the rather messy floor 
(vacuum cleaners and carpet sweepers are so exciting when you are under the age of 7)
Then I popped into the Tesco Express and noticed the staff being patient and caring with an old chap who is clearly a regular. They also had loads of bread at bargain prices and wanted everyone to make sure that they had the opportunity to buy food going cheap.

These are pretty trivial things on their own but they have warmed my heart and allow me to see a world full of hope. A world full of possibility. A world full of blessing. A world full of the Kingdom of God.
We can live like commuters, hurrying to get from A to B as quickly as possible, eyes on the pavement (or possibly the phone) oblivious to what is about us. Or we can live mindfully, as people who know that they are blessed, see God’s blessing in the world and are excited to know what God has in mind next. 
I know the way I am going to try and live my life.
What about you?

* If it is too difficult to add the photo in then replace it with “I read a book which says that mindfulness means being  aware (of your body, your mind, your environment); present (being in the moment); focused(more able to make choices about where to place your attention); embodied (bringing mind and body into synch) and accepting(of yourself and others)