February 2015

Happy...... Easter.

In the Nevard household, despite us making strenuous efforts we have still not finished off the Christmas chocolates. However we have noticed that should we get withdrawal symptoms we need not fear as the Easter chocs are already out on the shelves. And you are able to watch the Creme Egg adverts should you wish too. (Fortunately for me I am immune to the Creme Egg. Mini Eggs on the other hand...)
Indeed, I read recently that in some supermarkets the Easter merchandise starts to be delivered before Christmas has actually been celebrated. 

It may just mean that Britains love chocolate.
It may just mean that manufacturers like to cynically exploit any celebration to get us to part with hard earned cash and don’t mind making us think about the next big event even before the last one has completely finished. Or even started.
It may just mean that we all need something to look forward to and anticipate in our lives. That in the darkness  of  winter there is something about the anticipation of the hope of Spring.

Graeme Ross a Baptist Minister has been reflecting on this too.
He is embracing the fact that the Easter chocolate is already on the shelves.
As he notes
Christmas celebrates God becoming human.
Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus which gives anyone who turns to him freedom from sin and the opportunity to know God now and forever.
We have just celebrated Jesus’ birth, but we shouldn’t forget why he came.
And he shares this wonderful line
Before Jesus was born, his delivery at Easter was guaranteed.

I do think that British people love chocolate. (Well the Nevards do)
I do think that people who sell things will take every opportunity to part us with our cash. (Back to school items out within the first week of the holidays anyone?)
But I also think that we have something wonderful to look forward to and anticipate.
I think that is something that people do want to know, even if they don’t realise it. As they yearn for something else, something more.
The new life that we have in Jesus, that we celebrate at Easter time.
And that is something that should feed people more than chocolate.

Here’s a thought. Why not start buying and sharing Easter eggs with people and when they ask why, tell them about the new life you know in Jesus. That they can know too.
And they don’t have to wait until Easter.

Every blessing,