April 2015

Dear Friends,

On Good Friday, I spent some of my time listening to the St John Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a wonderful piece at any time but is especially fitting for Holy Week as the events unfold. One of my favourite parts is a chorale that comes just after Peter’s betrayal. There is a haunting tune, some beautiful harmonies running underneath and words that sum up what Peter has done and how we can behave in the same way, drawing us into the story too.
"Peter in forgetfulness thrice denied his master 
one look moved him to confess weeping his disaster.
Jesus turn to look at me, who persist in sinning
Set my fettered conscience free, free for new beginning”

I wrote about it on Facebook that day, noting, “the most perfect 1 minute 18 seconds of music ever. If I were Bach I would have thought "by golly that is so good I must put a second verse in". But he knew when to stop....”.
Yes the whole thing only lasts just over a minute, but boy what a minute!
And Bach thought.... that is enough.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot since then. And as the chorale does, I’ve been drawn from thinking about Bach to thinking about us. 
When we want to offer to God a prayer, a service, something creative, we often think on a big scale. If it is going to be good it has to be Long! Dramatic! Exquisite! And then feel that because we are not good with words or can’t think of something really impressive to do to help others then it isn’t really worth bothering about at all.

To be fair, old J S does manage to be creative and dramatic and impressive in a way that most of us can never be. But he does remind us that what we offer can be something small – a random act of kindness; a 6 word prayer; a well chosen card for someone who is feeling low. And that is enough.

I’m also pretty sure that when we give of our best as an offering to God or as a service in his name
– to God it is just as  beautiful as a chorale by J. S. Bach. 

Every blessing

The Untitled.

The Untitled is the name of our new group for senior school students who are part of the Furrough Cross family. (Can you tell that we found it hard to pick a name? This was the group choice!)

There are currently six young people at Church who fit this category – AbdalSherif, Georgia, Tiffany, Will and Pierre. If you don’t know them then do ask one of the Junior Church staff to introduce you so that you know their faces and can pray for them.
We meet on the first Sunday evening of the month at 10 Babbacombe Road for a noisy few hours of fun, food and faith sharing
Our next few meetings are 3rd May; 7th June; 5th July. August may be a little different depending on people’s availability.
It is a real joy to spend time with these lovely people. It isn’t easy to be this age these days as there are an awful lot of pressures and demands. So please do pray for us as we grow as a group and grow in faith.