March 2015

Happy Easter!
If you tried giving something up for Lent and succeeded – congratulations.
If you took something on for Lent – will you keep it up?
If you meant to do one of the above and didn’t quite get round to it, well there is always next year.

This year I followed short bible studies by the Society of John the Evangelist. It was called  Its Timeto.... Stop, Pray, Work, Play & Love. There was a different category for each week and a word for every day.

Every day a brother from the community would present the word of the day, post a short video and pose a question. I wrote out the word in an arty sort of way in a notebook and tried to write my own reflection on it, often either answering the question or quoting the person introducing the word as they all had great things to say.
But – I didn’t manage it every day. Sometimes I had to binge – study in order to get it done. And did I finish? Ask me how I coped...

Phil and a few other friends did something different. They followed the ReThink Church “Photo a Day for Lent” idea. Every day a word such as  “near” “poor” ”place” or “speak” was suggested and people submitted photos that they had taken for that day. It was interesting to see the different choices.

But there was one word that everyone seemed to struggle with. “Celebrate”. Why? Because it came every Sunday. If you have ever pondered why there are 40 days in Lent but from the day after Ash Wednesday to Easter Saturday the total number of days is 46, well that is because Sunday is a day of rest from Lenten fasting and discipline. Every Sunday in Lent is a time of celebration. And my photography friends found it difficult to celebrate in different ways every week.

I think it is lovely though – the idea that every Sunday is a time to celebrate – and perhaps in some ways a day of rest from the disciplines and regulations of the rest of the week. A time to rejoice in creation (as God did on the seventh day), a time to take a break, a time to celebrate the love that we know in Christ Jesus. Celebrate is a wonderful word for Sunday. So why not make every Sunday a celebration? It might take some thinking about, as it did for my friends in Lent. But it is a great way to revel in God’s love. The fact that God knows us and cares for us, forgives us our failings and loves us no matter what. What better reason for celebrating could there be?

Cafe Church
We had a creative and worshipful afternoon on February 15th, exploring how Love Changes Everything with drama, prayer, Michael Ball, colouring in, Bible Study, cake and post it notes. Amongst other things.
The next Cafe Church will be on Sunday 14th June from 3:30-5. If you have come before do come again and why not invite friends who may be interested in exploring faith but may need something different from the morning service? If you haven’t, why not give it a try and see if it helps you in your worship.

We would love to have more people on the planning group so please talk to Mariana, Lythan, Mary or Clare if you think you might like to join us. 

Summer Craft Fair
This year, following a discussion between those most involved, it has been decided to have a rest from doing a Flower Festival. Instead we will hold a one day event on Saturday 13th June from 10-3. This will have a craft fair vibe and so if you are interesting in having a craft style stall or display then please let Lythan or Betty Spragg or Pam Meaden or Steve or Margaret Casselden know to add to the list.
There will be a flower arranging competition which Maggie Field is organising so do ask her for details

We would also like to have a plant stall, book stall and cake stall, plus some activities for children so if you would be willing to work on a stall, or if you fancy trying face painting or can think of some good side shows to have then please one of those people mentioned above know as well.

This is a big fundraiser for the Church and it is always wonderful to see everyone pulling together and working hard for the future of the Church as well as having fun on the day.