February 2016

Dear Friends,

In November I attended a Christians Together in Torquay meeting at Central Church. The main speaker that evening was Professor John Spicer from the School of Marine Science and Engineering, Plymouth University.

John is a Christian and a Scientist – a world renowned expert in Biodiversity.
He said that he quite often gives talks to groups of Street Pastors as they are often asked about creation and evolution, but decided that night to share a talk that he usually gives at Science Café’s (where scientists get together over coffee/wine and share interesting presentations) which was entitled “Science and Faith: a marriage made in heaven”

This was basically a walk through his life and how as a young scientist brought up in a non-Christian environment he came to faith (partly through the love of a good woman!) and how his love of God has shaped his science and how science has informed his love of God.

He told us how another scientist called Dennis Noble has revised how evolution works – having discovered that microbes can swap genetic material. This has meant that Spicer has to revise everything that he has been teaching. You would think that this would bring him down. He was rueful but yet excited. “Science isn’t mine” he said. And added that science fact is only true until the next discovery. He sees science and faith as having a working relationship.

As a non-scientist I was captivated by his enthusiasm and interested to find out more. His words reminded me of John Robinsons sermon to those sailing on the Mayflower “The Lord has yet more light and truth to break forth from His Word.” Perhaps the Lord has more light and truth waiting to be discovered in scientific terms as well?

What struck me most was John Spicer’s answer to my question at the end. I asked “at the science café’s, after hearing the talk on science and faith, what kind of questions do the scientists ask?”
He answered “they mostly want to know that they can be loved and that they are not alone”

Isn’t that amazing? All these minds who can understand all sorts of things that make my brain boggle. They don’t ask so much about evolution or try and trip him up. No, they want to know that they are worth loving and can be loved.
It’s so profound, yet so simple.

As people of faith we are called to share God’s love with others. Sometimes that can seem scary and off-putting. But all we need to do is let people know that they are worth loving. By being loving. By being warm, open, friendly people that the love of God shines through. Who don’t necessarily know the answers (and I for one will not be arguing science facts as I don’t know many)but can point to the One who does.

Every blessing